Game of Thrones Inspired Bridals // Proposal Rock // Oregon Wedding Photographer

You know that feeling when it gets so cold your toes go past the point of being numb and are on fire... Yah I don't understand how it's physically possible either but that shit hurts. AND YET despite the bitter winds of death, this lil beauty absolutely slayed!! We were originally just taking plain jane bridal portraits (although let's be honest, she killed those too), but she had on this thick jacket with fur on the inside and we flipped it inside out just for shits and giggles. Pretty much instantly I began freaking out over the Game of Thrones vibes and had to get a couple shots of her in this magical element- if anyone plans on incorporating this show into their wedding HMU. Seriously. Do it. 

On another note though guys, bridal portraits are so awesome. I know they're definitely way more prominent in the South, but dudes we have got to get that going everywhere else!! If I am spending that much on a dress you better expect that I am gonna be modeling that ish and blessing everyone's eyes- and I expect the same of all my brides ;) This is your moment to feel beyonce-esque and you should definitely take advantage of it!! If you have any doubts just look below (I'll be waiting for you haha). 

**Also huge thanks to Sophisticated Florals for the gawgeous bouquet!!!