Kahlea & Ryan // St. Pete Beach // Tampa Wedding Photographer

Within our first five minutes of meeting at St. Pete Beach, I was already in love with Kahlea & Ry's love. Easy and comfortable. The kind where they could be standing light years apart and you would still feel the warmth of their souls melting into one another. A summer romance that never turns into winter.

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Except not that long ago, Kahlea's life was nothing short than the most bitter of winters.

*excerpt from Kahlea's post
"Three years ago I was in an extremely abusive relationship...he believed I wasn’t pretty enough. He believed I wasn’t good enough. He believed I wouldn’t succeed at what I’m doing. Eventually, after so many months of hearing it, I began to believe these things about myself."

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Killing the light in someone's eyes, I think is the cruelest act any human can commit. So to hear that this bouncy and bubbly, full of life girl was something so opposite of all that merely three years ago literally stopped me in my steps. As a wedding photographer, I want to photograph and vouch for a love that I believe in. Not one we romanticize in movies as being dark and broody, when in reality it doesn't look sexy at all- just bruised and broken. So this is me joining hands with Kahlea and speaking out- 

Love should look like this. Easy and comfortable.
Love is not abuse, love is not gaslighting, love is not controlling nor painful. 

There is no fear in love. 

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I'm going to end this blog post on a happy note and say that I am beyond overjoyed that life brought Kahlea together with a man who will never question her worth. And in her own words: 

"He doesn’t make me question who I am, he affirms who he knows I am. He doesn’t second-guess my big dreams, he encourages them. He doesn’t make me feel like it’s always my fault, he’s quick to recognize when he’s fallen short. Ry means absolutely everything to me and I’ll never get over how blessed I am to have him."