Shabria & Ashley // Destin Jewel Wedding // Florida Wedding Photography

This beautiful wedding took place at the Destin Jewel in Destin, Florida. Instantly walking into the home, I was overwhelmed by the love and laughter of all the family and friends present, working diligently to make the day go beautifully. You could tell every person in that room knew something truly special was to happen on this day. Shabria and Ashley have the kind of love that makes you want to smile the second you met them. While Shabria was getting ready, Ashley was downstairs spelling out their future last name in the aisle in white rose petals for Shabria to walk down. Every detail was made with so much consideration and thought. The ceremony itself was so moving. Watching the two barely holding back tears as Shabria came down the aisle, had everyone else wiping away the ones in their own eyes- myself included. They exchanged vows in between laughs and they danced their first dance together as soon as they exchanged their first married kiss. I absolutely adored this moment. They were so in love in that moment, caught in between wanting to dance and hug on fiercely to each other. We caught the last bit of that beautiful Florida sunset right on the beach with sand in our toes. The night ended with lots of beautiful speeches and celebrations with their closest family and friends. They finished their day as beautifully as it began with a sparkler exit, everyone cheering them on as they ran through!

Destin X Jewel House