Marina & Dane // Beacon Rock State Park Engagement // Portland Engagement Photographer

After their engagement photos, we stood at the end of the dock in Beacon Rock State Park, watching the smoke bomb fade into the Gorge across us as the sun set and the air grew chilly, taking in the last bit of warmth the day had as it faded. You always assume the greatest love stories are tucked away in the folds of a book in some dusty library, impossible and incredible in their existence and then you find yourself a couple like Marina & Dane painted with epics tattoo sleeves, wearing bold fedoras and DIY jean jackets and realize you’ve got one right in front of you. We had spent their entire session laughing like fools on the dock, just soaking up every infectious minute of their love. After two children and a lifetime it blew my mind that their love held together so passionately and seamlessly. I can’t wait to see the wild adventures that life has in store for these two.

Beacon Rock State Park X Marina Haynes Artistry