Devin & Jess // Latourell Falls Elopement // Oregon Elopement Photographer

Jess & Devin decided to elope underneath the Latourell Falls on a beautiful Thursday morning in Multnomah. The drive through the Columbia River Gorge that day was so quiet and serene, it was the perfect build-up to their intimate exchange underneath the Latourell Falls. The two whispered the sweetest vows while being kissed by the mist and the early morning rays. Their elopement was simple yet so unique. The pop of yellow against the budding flowers and rich greens felt like a gentle nod of ‘hello’ to the coming of Spring and their new beginnings. They left the roaring waterfall with dirty boots and messy hair, hands intertwined and laughter so free it bounced off the rocky walls and left them starry-eyed. 

Latourell Falls X Melansay