Kiersten & Mike // Las Vegas Elopement at The Venetian

The noises of the Las Vegas Strip were drowned out by a simple elopement in that little corner of The Venetian, where Kiersten and Mike exchanged vows. ‘I more than need you, I love you, and I want you. All day. Every day. For the rest of the days,’ was among the promises made between tears and laughter.

This moment. This elopement. This crazy, wild, perfect adventure at The Venetian in Las Vegas, miles away from their home and their families, just the two of them taking a leap of faith on forever- was 12 years in the making. 


Murphy's law came to play at every corner of this elopement, what could go wrong went wrong and what we didn't even know could go wrong, went worse. And yet every moment of this trip is so memorable, perhaps even more so because of all the mishaps,
 it took to make it happen. Case in Point:

I'm on a flight to Las Vegas to photograph an elopement WITHOUT the couple that is supposed to be eloping, Mike & Kiersten drive five hours to another airport and finally make it.

We break the dress right before the ceremony, I magically become a seamstress and sew some fine ass stitches. 

We realize we never figured out where they were actually getting married, we say fuck it and decide to do it right out front because at this point we are ready to face it all. 

We drink way too many football drinks and.. well this one wasn't so bad ;) 

AND FINALLY, I'm standing in front of these two, crying myself because everything has been so crazy. We're all exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed and yet despite it all it couldn't be more perfect. Getting to watch life finally hand these two the right hand of cards was everything. All those years being each other's best friend, shoulder to cry on, margarita buddy, raising their girls together not even realizing one day their kids would get to call each other siblings and seeing them realize that at that moment was something I'll never forget. It's the kind of love you go searching for your entire life, and then wake up one day and realize you had it next to you all along. 


Venue X The Venetian Las Vegas
Hair X Hair By Dailney
MUA X Rose Carriaga Makeup Artistry
Officiant X Wedding Vows Las Vegas - Judy Irving
Floral X Layers of Lovely - An Inspired Floral Art Studio
Shoes X Joyfolie
Dress X Dream Gowns Jovani Fashion
Tux X Men's Wearhouse

My Vows to You

(Kiersten's Vows) 
 "I don't think there has ever been a time in the past 12 years that I needed you and you weren't there... of all of the shit I went through, you have always been my constant, and now that I get to wake up to you every day!! Life couldn't get better.

It was always the bad days that I needed you most in life.. and now that I have you all the time, I never have truly bad days anymore... but I still don't want to live a moment without you.

I more than need you, I love you, and I want you. All day. Every day. For the rest of the days.

The energy you bring me is incredible. I feel something crazy with you, idk how else to say it, but from first time we kissed to the last time we touched, I've felt it... I love how you feed my fire, but you never try to fuel it with negativity. Instead, you're always trying to instigate happiness. You have always kept me grounded, putting me (and all of my craziness) first, and that means more than you'll ever know.

It's quite obvious I am obsessed with you... stage 5 clinger, HELLO, haha from your big brown eyes, to your sexy ass lips, to that adorable way your nose scrunches up when something reallllly makes you laugh, to the way you make my cheeks hurt in 2.5 seconds because you are seriously the funniest person I know.. lol. It's your everything. I love it all.

There are so many times I catch myself getting lost in you. I walk past the kitchen window, get a glimpse of you down at the shop, in your adorable work pants and STC shirts, always getting dirty and working hard on something, I catch myself just staring at you, smiling, literally just so happy.. because I am just completely consumed by you. It's crazy. I've never been so taken over by anything in my life. I loved you before Los rancheros, but now that I am yours and you are mine, life is simply perfect. I couldn't ask for more. I've never been happier, and I will never be the same.

I know I planned this way too much, and we're poor now, but you deserve even more, more than I will ever be able to give, but I will never stop trying to give you the world.. But once we get home, its cabbage soup for life lol cuz we broke.

I also promise to;

• Always choose red over blue
• Always keep your beer cold and chili hot
• Always keep your gas full and goggles clean
• Never cut my hair past my shoulders and stop yelling at traffic
• Pop your bumps, pluck your hairs, trim those toenails and keep the werewolf at bay 😂
• Make more pasta than rice
• Never stop obsessing over you
• Never stop kissing you
• Always love you and (try to) never fight with you

Although our past is what makes us and we have a decade of friendship behind us, I think what is ahead of us is going to be something special. We're unstoppable together, the perfect team.

I promise to never hurt you. I promise to always be there for you. I promise to always have your back, support your every idea, and to always help you chase your dreams. I will put you first, show you the respect you are entitled, love you like you deserve to be loved, and even give you a few cute babies too.. but most importantly, I promise I will always be your ride or die.

Lord knows there are probably 10,000 girls that would kill to be where I am, so I feel pretty damn lucky that I am the only one you have ever wanted and I am the only one you've ever loved. So I promise never to stop being the perfect girl for you.. even when I am old, I'll still be cute.

I love you, babe, I am so excited to watch Supercross, talk about dirt bikes all the time, be in the passenger seat for every adventure, give you another reason to be the best dad ever, and genuinely just excited to make you happy and be your wife for the rest of my life. "