Katie & Eric // St. Andrews State Park Panama City Beach Engagement // Florida Engagement Photographer

These engagement photos in St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach were taken at the perfect time of year- when summer is just starting to creep in and the waves are inviting and the beaches are empty and so incredibly beautiful. The jetties at St. Andrew State Park create this epic peninsula that divides the bay from the sea and the crashing foam against the rocks is in itself such a romantic scene, adding Katie & Eric to the mix made it seem like we'd stepped into a Nicolas Spark's novel. Their sense of adventure and infectious laughter and warmth towards each other was what made the session. There's a certain tenderness that can't be taught, it just comes with ease when you're with the person you're meant to be with and these two shared that. I felt like every time we were starting to walk away and pack up I'd catch a glimpse of their affection towards one another and made them walk back towards the sunset and lulling waves for "just one more" because it really was that magical. I can't wait to be a part of their wedding day and the moments to come.

St.Andrews X Panama City Beach