May 17, 2022
Coral Pink
Sand Dunes



The magic of eloping is that it can look any way you want it too. As artists, so much of our creativity exists in the beauty around us, in movement, color, and texture. This elopement at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes in Utah pulled together all these elements.

I am so inspired by couples who are also creative and want their day to feel like art, ones that find so much joy in play and creating for the sake of creating. This day was such a perfect example of that. If you’ve been on the fence about what your elopement should look like, reframe that question and ask what you are inspired by and what you want it to feel like. This day is yours to create- dare to go as far outside of the box as you can dream it to be so that at the end of it, it is the truest reflection of you both.    

The Pink Coral Sand Dunes in Utah was such an incredible backdrop for this elopement. We started shooting right before sunset and the way the soft light melted around them was everything. 

If you are wanting to get creative with your elopement like these two- I encourage you to create a mood board of inspiration. Get away from the wedding photos and instead pull in music, art, textures, life experiences. Gather a mood board that puts together the pieces of your life and then reach out, and I’ll take it from there!