Everything I say past this point is hella important so you're gonna wanna read it *wink wink*

You and your babe are important to me.  We will probably text back and forth fan-girling over your wedding dress and decorations, have coffee shop dates where you vent about the craziness that is wedding planning, and heck I've even gone out dancing with some of my couples to really seal the deal haha

The point is, to me you guys aren't clients!! You're future friends and I want that to be a mutual relationship. If you're price-shopping for the best deal or the photographer whose gonna take the typical prom style photos-that's totally okay , but if thats the case, I might not be the right gal for you!

Its kind of crazy, but on your wedding day you spend most of the day with your photographer- like seriously you'll see me more than you see each other!! I'm there for all of it, and I want you to always feel like you've got an extra bestie on the day of, someone to remind you that you look badass, lift your dress up if you have to pee, and cheer grandma on when she's out on the dance floor twerking her lil 80 year old booty!!

If you want someone who is going to look at your wedding day as a love story waiting to be read- then you've found me. When you're old and decrepit I want you to open up your wedding albums and be inspired by the love that you guys lived and promised to each other! Moments of epicness that will blow your socks off so you can look back and be like HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ME?! Moments that will make you ugly cry because you didn't even know they were happening like your mom wiping tears off your dad's face in the background! 

Its not about the "cheese and smile at the camera moments", its the messy unplanned ones where you're snuggling the way you do on Sunday mornings, or grinning into each others faces because someone made a that's what she said joke. Its the moments where you're running down the coast- sand and water all up in your wedding dress and he picks you up and twirls ya, and your hair is catching that mountain air. Its the ones where its just you and your babe, and the possibility of a lifetime of this kind of crazy passionate wild and endless love.

When the flowers have dried and the guests have gone home, I will tell you the story of a day that will never grow old even when you do. A narrative that will last long after, to light up the eyes of your grandparents and grandchildren alike. The story of your love will be told for years to come, to bring laughter, to bring tears, to bring nostalgia, and sparks of old love- And I can't wait. 




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