I hug pretty freaking hard.

This is an important thing to know about me. Because by the end of this when we take that last sloppy selfie, you best believe I'm gonna be squeezing you both to death. You are my people, and I got you. From the beginning to the end, know that I'm invested in both of you and giving you a piece of my heart. I want to be a part of the story that won't grow old even when you do, for the day when you've got wrinkly lil hands wrapped up in one another and a box of these moments that I was able to give you.

This is me.

I believe in Magic.
I’m a potato waiting for her french fry moment in life.
I think everyone should eat a bite of dessert first because you could die and then who is gonna enjoy the cheesecake?! Certainly not you. 
I’m toasty. Not tan. Unless its summer. Then I’m burnt toast.
I’m the mother of one. He may or may not be a cat. #intheclosetcatlady
If the sea is anywhere near me I will feel at home. 
I’m a wild child, a five-more-minutes kinda cuddler, an adventurer (a clumsy one), a lover of spontaneity, and a memory keeper. 
Lets Do This

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