June 12, 2022
Bridal Veil Lakes
Corbett, Oregon

A Rainy Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding

Tucked away and overlooking the Historic Columbia River Gorge, Bridal Veil Lakes is a perfect haven. For Lavitta & Colton, who were looking for a venue that would fulfill their Pride & Prejudice dreams, this dreamy outdoor space did just that. This hidden gem, surrounded by towering old-growth forests and a 3-acre spring-fed lake, became the backdrop for their special day.  Every little detail mattered to them. Including the actual date of their wedding. Choosing to exchange their vows on Loving Day, the national celebration held on June 12th each year, held so much importance for Lavitta and Colton. Commemorating the landmark 1967 United States Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia, which abolished anti-miscegenation laws in 16 states, their wedding became not just a personal celebration but also a tribute to love’s triumph over adversity.

About Bridal Veil Lakes:

Tucked away in a private recreational area, Bridal Veil Lakes is full of lush greenery, gardens, and vibrant wildflowers that frame the most breathtaking views. The atmosphere allows you to embrace your special day amidst nature’s charm. From canoe rides on the lake to strolls along forest paths or witnessing the sunset with loved ones, every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Venue Highlights:

This secluded paradise is shielded from the east wind, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for your celebration. Covered areas offer weather shelter, guaranteeing that your day remains magical, no matter what the forecast holds. At Bridal Veil Lakes, you have access to two covered areas—an open-air pavilion and lakeside covered patio—creating an intimate setting for dining, dancing, and celebrating your love. Each covering spans 800 square feet, adorned with decorative lighting, and equipped with electricity for convenience. Situated near the restrooms, they ensure comfort without compromising the captivating views. The venue provides a host of amenities tailored for your event: 250 chairs for both ceremony and reception, tables for 250 guests, an expansive outdoor patio (848 sq. ft.), indoor restrooms, a decorative arch for wedding ceremonies, a catering prep area with commercial refrigerator & freezer, a custom BBQ grill, and 4 canoes with life jackets.

Logistics and Accessibility:

Events are hosted from May to October, allowing reservations up to 2 years in advance. Ample parking for 150 vehicles, including space for RVs, ensures hassle-free arrivals. The restrooms, covered areas, and grounds are handicap accessible, with ADA-designated lakeside parking for convenience.

Do you need a photographer for your Wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes? 

Choosing Bridal Veil Lakes for your celebration means embracing nature’s beauty in a setting that feels both secluded and welcoming. It’s more than a venue—it’s an experience that promises unforgettable moments amidst Oregon’s stunning landscapes. If you need someone to capture those beautiful moments, contact me here!