May 23, 2022
Chapman Beach
Oregon Coast
Intimate Oregon Coast Elopement

This Chapman Beach elopement was whimsical, edgy, and raw. All the things that Jacob & Jaden had told me they wanted their day to feel like when they took their vows on the Oregon Coast. I adore these two humans- they came all the way from Colorado for this moment and you could see the intent in everything they chose.  Both of them have such gentle and artistic personalities and that energy filled the entire day. I always ask my couples where life will take them after this, 80 years from now, and their response was one of my favorites. “As for 80 years from now… I hope we are together somewhere.. whether it’s in this universe or lifetime or another. I hope we find each other again and again and again.”

Chapman Beach: A Hidden Gem

Chapman Beach, nestled along the breathtaking Oregon Coast, is one of my favorite spots for an intimate elopement ceremony. It is a secret treasure hugged by rugged cliffs and a coastline that looks incredible when the tide is in, and even more so when the tide is out and exposing the cliff features. It is also a smaller beach near Cannon beach so not as often frequented, making it a perfect spot for a couple looking for privacy!

Planning Their Chapman Beach Elopement

  1. Embracing the elements: If you choose to elope on the coast, you have to be prepared for all the coastal surprises that might come with it. For Jacob & Jaden that meant making sure their attire was comfortable, that blankets and umbrellas were on hand, and there was plenty of time built in for warming up when we needed it!
  2. Timing Was Key: Tides were watched closely! As mentioned above, tides make a huge difference in how the coast can look! While having the tide in is still beautiful when it is out, you have so much more exposed cliff line and it is a safer situation since we don’t have to worry about the waves coming in. So for this elopement at Chapman Beach we made sure to time the ceremony for when it was out!
  3. Making It Uniquely Theirs: If you are eloping, this is such an important detail! Jacob & Jaden made this day theirs by exchanging gifts in the morning, helping each other get ready, and exploring the coast on their wedding day. It was just as much a celebration of their love as it was an ode to some of the most beautiful parts of what makes the PNW so dreamy! Their personal touches also adorned every corner! The stunning details in the décor & bouquet made Chapman Beach a reflection of their unique love story.

Exploring The Oregon Coast for Their Photos

Their magical day extended beyond Chapman Beach! Nearby spots like Ecola State Park and the enchanting forests offered diverse and captivating photo opportunities, seamlessly complementing their love story. If you are wanting to elope don’t be afraid to make your day an experience! We can look at several locations! For these two we were able to combine cliffs, coast, and a forest!

Do you want to elope at Chapman Beach or on the Oregon Coast?

If this elopement resonated with you and it seems aligned with the way you’ve envisioned your day, definitely reach out! I would love to help you make your day as magical as we can! Contact me here!