Naba’s Picks: Portland Oregon Wedding Catering


Wedding Caterers

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portland Oregon Catering Company

I think most people can agree that food is at the heart of so many stories, so much love, so much connection and joy! Food is the thing that brings people together, and why would it not be even more true for your wedding day! Quite often this is the part of the day that your guests will remember the most, and that you will be most excited for after having had such a crazy beautiful busy day! Of any thing to bring focus to, choosing your catering company is most definitely something I would recommend for your wedding day!

Portland Oregon Wedding Catering Options

Having had the chance to work with, and get to enjoy meals made by these incredible vendors I wanted to recommend my absolute favorites to all my couples! Each of these options provides a unique fit for each couple so take the time to see which one feels right to you! Is your event more intimate, family style, elegant, etc? Make sure to consider these factors as you read through!

Best of the Best Portland Wedding Catering Companies


Chef’s table is always my first recommendation to any couple in search of a wedding caterer! As a team they bring efficiency and amazing food to the table, pun most definitely intended! They offer multiple different serving styles to fit the vibe of your wedding day and build a unique menu that includes dishes from iconic Portland restaurants! This is especially lovely if you have guests travelling to the area to let them in on a little bit of that Portland magic. If you are on a budget this is still a great catering company to consider as they have options for varying budgets! They also have amazing hors d’oeuvres for your guests to enjoy during cocktail hour!


Hunt & Gather Catering is a company that caters to both an interactive and fine- dining experience. Based out of Portland’s Pearl District, they focus on food that is responsibly sourced and served by in-house trained culinary staff! If you are looking to hire a catering company that values their food, service, and hospitality while creating a luxurious experience for you and your guests, they are definitely the way to go!


Pearl Catering is one of Portland’s top catering companies and also one that includes full-service planning, including bar service, rental coordination, and more! Amongst all these incredible competitors their story is truly what makes them so unique and one of my personal favorites! They started as three people working out of a van and have grown into a company that continues to provide excellent service and even better dishes. Their focus is on using the freshest ingredients and tailoring their menu to your special day!


Savour & Graze is Portland’s first grazing platter and table company! They make the most delicious and beautiful charcuterie boards with quality meats and cheeses! This catering option would be the most ideal for a couple who is looking to have a more intimate setting for their guests, especially if they are having an intimate wedding or an elopement. The platters are a great way to encourage mingling and allow guests to snack and enjoy delicious food!

Picking the Right Portland Wedding Catering Company

When you choose your catering company for your wedding there are a couple things I would recommend keeping in mind!

  1. Ask your caterer if you can come in for a tasting! Most catering companies will already offer this but if not, take some time to set this up! It’s your day and you should love everything on your menu!
  2. Ask the caterer how they plan on serving! Some companies focus on buffet style/ family style for events with looser timelines while others lean towards plated meals, especially if the timeline is more strict!
  3. Ultimately choose someone you enjoyed meeting and working with even before the wedding day! Wedding days can be crazy and sometimes things go wrong! I would 10/10 always recommend the vendor who has their heart in your day and wants to make sure things go smoothly rather than someone who just cares about the technicality of it all!

Making a Final Decision for your Portland OR Wedding!

  1. Most vendors generally expect a retainer to lock in your wedding date! Make sure to check with the venue on their availability for dates and get yours secured!
  2. Make sure to ask about any limitations, especially regarding catering & alcohol since these can sometimes be only in-house!
  3. Always prepare for any weather changes! If your venue has a large portion that plans to be outdoor, do you have preparations in mind for rain (an absolute must in the PNW!!)! Whether this means a designated indoor space, or renting out large tents, make sure you have yourself covered!
  4. And then celebrate!! You just completed one of the biggest parts of planning!! Now the fun begins of filling the space with your dreams and visions!!