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Ten Best Wedding Dress Shops in Portland

Wedding dress shops in Portland, Oregon are among some of the best!! (I might be a little biased, but I promise they are amazing!!) If you are planning to get married in Portland, Oregon, I have short-listed ten of the best wedding dress shops that you must check out.

Buying your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you ever have to make when planning your big day. I’m sure you’ve narrowed down a few, but I wanted to give you a list of my favorite ones because there are a lot of stunning dresses to choose from!! Most importantly, this is a part of the experience of getting married. Not only do I want you to find the perfect wedding dress, but I want you to enjoy the day and pamper yourself and bring along a best friend or family member! This day should be just as magical as the day you put on the dress to say “I Do”. That is why I’m going to share some of the best wedding dress boutiques in Portland!!


a&be Bridal is one of the premier bridal boutiques near Portland, Oregon. It is a wedding dress shop known for its elegance. From classic to modern, romantic to distinct, this bridal shop offers designer wedding dresses that are perfect for any theme wedding.

a&be offers an array of exclusive wedding dresses in Portland that fit any size or price range. Its actual location is right in the center of the Alberta Arts District, and it has been operating for years.


Ania Bridal is a wedding dress boutique that offers a luxurious, unrivaled experience for the brides as they choose their wedding gowns.

Ania Bridal turns a tedious activity to find the perfect dress into a memorable experience by letting the brides and the accompanying guests enjoy every minute of this beautiful process. Ania also offers dresses for the bride’s maids, and all their dresses and gowns come in a variety of sizes.


Charlotte’s wedding is a bridal dress boutique that offers gorgeous wedding gowns with an impressive variety for the bride to be. You can easily schedule an appointment using their online portal, and rest assured you will be taken care of. From traditional to modern, sweet to sexy, Charlotte’s offers wedding dresses that suit the preferences of every bride.

They have been around for 30 years, and Charlotte Shumaker started this bridal boutique. However, Krysta York owns it now and runs it with sheer passion.


Brides for a Cause are a wedding dress shop in Portland that also offers different attires. They specialize in being a wedding boutique but with a cause to raise charity.

They collect donated wedding dresses from various individuals and designers and re-sell those dresses at a discounted price, hence raising funds for the charity. Brides for a Cause has so far collected 10,000 plus wedding dresses and raised over $700,000 for various national and local charities.

If you are looking for a dress in an economical price range and want to do something good for society as well, then Brides for a Cause is a perfect place to shop for your wedding dress.


The English Department is an independent wedding dress shop in the center of Clinton neighborhood, Portland. They specialize in unique, high-quality wedding gowns from both well-known and emerging designers.

If you are a bride who prefers turquoise, wildflowers, and braids over the traditional style, then Romantique by Claire Pettibone is a bridal range you must check. If you are a bohemian bride who has a fierce love of life, and you know who you are, Emma Mae, by Carla Jenkins, is just the perfect fit for your wedding day.


Claire La Faye is a well-known designer for bridals. She has been making bridal dresses for over a decade now. Her designs take a non-traditional, whimsical, and creative approach when it comes to a wedding dress for a modern-day bride.

Each Claire La Faye bridal dress is hand-made and will offer you a style that is feminine, fun, and unforgettable. This designer wedding dress brand is all about heavy nostalgia for romance and sweet memories spent together with a sexy and unique twist. If you are a bride looking for old school Hollywood glamour with luxury on the edge and modern era silhouette, then Claire La Faye is it!


If you are a bride passionate for romantic and bold bridal gowns, then Elizabeth Dye is one of the best wedding dress shops in Portland, Oregon. This bridal designer shop expresses the creativity, uniqueness, and spirit of the bride who wears the dress.

This shop specializes in wedding gowns for all kinds of set-ups. Whether you have an indoor wedding or an outdoor adventure set for your big day, Elizabeth Dye will find you a perfect wedding gown to suit your taste, mood, and wedding theme.


At Lena dress, they believe their brides to be feminine and powerful. If you are a non-conformist, independent, and free-thinking woman with an old fashion appreciation for romance, then Lena dress is a bridal boutique you must visit.

Whether it is a silk wedding dress with a train or a bareback modern-day bridal gown, Lena Medoyeff has an extensive collection of styles that will suit your taste.


It is one of the wedding dress shops in Portland that offers an all-in-one solution to all your bridal needs. Whether you are looking for a specific wedding dress style, a top-rated bridal dress, bridal shoes and accessories, and even bridal lingerie, BHLDN has it all for you.

It has some of the best designer dresses you will find in the Portland area. BHLDN has wedding dresses and gowns by Watters Miles, Theia Blake, etc. They offer gowns in various styles, including Bohemian, modern, beach wedding, sleeves, and romantic. All you need to do is let them know your style, and they will help you pick the best dress for your perfect wedding day.


Cocoon Silk is a family-owned bridal salon in Portland, Oregon. Cocoon silk is for the bride who wants a classic romantic dress with hand-dyed silk. At this shop, you will have endless design possibilities, and every style is customizable to your desire.

No-where in the whole Portland, Oregon, will you be able to find such an exquisite collection of imported silk that will be hand-sewn to create a unique dress for you and you alone. There will be no additional charges to alter, hem, or tailor your wedding dress.

The best experience = The best wedding dress

I hope you have the most amazing experience choosing your wedding dress at one of the best wedding dress shops in Portland. The last thing to make sure of is that you have someone to capture you twirling around in that beautiful piece of magic! So make sure to reach out to me by clicking here!! I can’t wait to photograph you in it on one of the most special days of your life!

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